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21 Essential Travel Tips for Your Road Warriors

Knowledge is useful where ever you find it, and today the source is from across the pond. Our friends at Buying Business Travel, a UK based industry publication have posted an invaluable guide for international travelers (or “travellers” as they spell it in Merry Olde England). Whether you’re a multi-national company with a multi-million dollar travel budget…


Insider Tips for Exchanging Money Abroad

International business travelers need to know the ins and outs of how to maximize value when exchanging foreign currency. Frivolously exchanging money can mean losing a significant chunk of change. Many outlets have less-than-favorable exchange rates or charge a hefty fee to complete the transaction. USA Today has put together the following useful tips that…


Passport 101: How to Apply, Renew or Replace

The process of obtaining, renewing, or updating a passport is exactly what one would expect when working with a government agency: tedious, mind-numbing, and overly complex. While you’ll find everything you need to know about the often befuddling process on the U.S. State Department website, USA Today has made things a little simpler for you…


How to Get Reservations in Popular National Park Lodges

(USA Today) Room availability in national park lodges is frequently in short supply, especially during the busy summer season. Overall, the number of rooms in America’s national-park lodges has remained essentially unchanged for decades. An increasing number of travelers chasing the same number of rooms inevitably leads to reservation difficulties. Although it can be quite…