Corporate Travel Is Better with the Right Partner

Corporate Travel Is Better with the Right Partner

Planning a corporate trip requires a lot of time streamlining the details. Without the help of an expert, managing the specifics can cause unnecessary stress and costs.

Save time and money with Teplis Travel. At Teplis Travel, we’ve mastered the art of supporting corporate travel programs: our team can give you a stress free and perfectly coordinated experience.

Why Choose Us as Your Corporate Travel Agency?

We know you have a lot of options, but what makes us the right choice over your current agency?

Related image We’ll act as your corporate travel partner: we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service, and in working with you to meet your specific needs.  We provide detailed reporting and analytics in real time.


Related image We’ll cut costs. We reduce the cost of your trip with a cost reduction analysis, negotiated hotel rates, and car rental discounts.  Our specialized travel solutions save clients up to 15%-30% of their total business travel costs with access to deep corporate discount rates with flights, hotels, and car rentals.


Related image We’ll provide custom travel programs. We know that the details matter, and we’ll make sure you get a travel program that’s fitted precisely to your needs.  At Teplis, we streamline travel booking experiences on web and mobile platforms.

Why You'll Love Working with Teplis

At Teplis Travel, we provide you with proactive, intricate, and reliable corporate travel service 24/7/365. The detailed attention from every employee at Teplis Travel is a level of attention and commitment not likely to be matched.


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Our Global Centers of Excellence touch 6 continents with the ability to ticket locally in over 50 specific markets.

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