Corporate Travel Services

Teplis provides comprehensive business travel programs for organizations with global footprints and mid-market sized budgets.

Teplis Delivers Personalized Corporate Travel Services

Are you sick of being overlooked by your travel management company? Are you a small fish in their big pond? Unlike some of the mega travel agencies, Teplis Travel delivers personalized corporate travel services to every client regardless of their size. We take the time to get to know your needs from the very start, and we create a business travel program that will generate real results year after year. Our approach to corporate travel management combines the right people, processes, and technology to successfully support the unique needs that each 
travel program has.

At Teplis Travel, we listen to our customers. Yes, we really listen! Our CEO or Chairwoman isn’t too busy to join conference calls with you. When you come to our Atlanta office for a meeting, we’ll cater lunch! As your trusted travel management partner, we go above and beyond to ensure the travel programs we create not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

How can Teplis Travel improve your corporate travel program?

Corporate Travel Management

Juggling travel plans, budgets, and the oh-so-important smooth sailing for your corporate travelers? Dive into our travel management services! We’re not just about spreadsheets and schedules – we bring you the whole picture, spiced up with some nifty data magic. Making your travel game strong and your decision-making a breeze!

Corporate Travel Consulting

Are your travel policies as efficient as they could be? Our consulting service dives deep into your current operations, highlighting areas for improvement. With expert guidance, your travel policy will not just be a document but a continually evolving strategy, enhancing both cost savings and employee traveler satisfaction.

Global Travel Management

Navigating international travel can be complex. From cultural nuances to varying regulations, the challenges are many. Our Global Travel Management service ensures consistency in your company’s travel approach worldwide. It integrates global protocols with local expertise, ensuring your travel policy remains robust and compliant wherever business takes you.

Travel & Expense Management

Manual expense tracking is tedious and prone to errors. Elevate your operational efficiency with our Travel & Expense Management services. Integrate real-time expense tracking with your travel policy, ensuring compliance and offering travel managers a clear view of costs, helping in more informed budgeting and planning.

Concur Travel & Expense Software

Concur offers an integrated travel and expense management solution, optimizing the entire process from booking to reimbursement. For a travel manager, this means automation, real-time data reporting, and easier policy compliance. With Concur, operations become smoother, and strategic adjustments are just a few clicks away. The Concur mobile app empowers your business travelers while on-the-road.

Incentive Travel

Recognizing and rewarding high-performing employees can have a profound impact on morale and performance. Our Incentive Travel program management is tailored to resonate with your company culture and objectives. Travel managers can seamlessly align these programs with company values and goals, making recognition an integral part of the travel policy.

Group Travel and Event Travel

Organizing travel for groups and events is a task in itself. From coordinating large groups to managing diverse needs, the complexity can be overwhelming. Our Event Travel service offers a structured approach, ensuring every attendee’s needs are met, aligning with your travel policy, and reflecting positively on your company’s operational prowess.

VIP Travel Programs

Your top-tier employees and guests deserve the best. Our VIP Travel Programs ensure they receive nothing less. As a travel manager, you can ensure that these programs align with your company’s standards and reputation. Tailored experiences not only reflect well on the company’s image but also fortify the travel policy’s stature.

Reservation Services

Dive into a world where every travel booking – be it flights, hotels, or car rentals – is handled with precision. With our Reservation Services, travel managers can ensure adherence to company travel policies, secure optimal rates, and have contingency plans ready. Smooth operations lead to successful business trips and a reinforced travel policy.

A Corporate Travel Agency Built for Your Business

  • Expert corporate travel services & proactive management consulting
  • Extended business hours: Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 10:00 pm Eastern
  • 24/7/365 corporate travel agent support for business travelers
  • Up to 30% savings on your annual travel costs
  • 100% error-free monitoring for your travel arrangements
  • Consolidated travel programs for all of your global locations
  • Optimize your travel budget and your bottom line
  • Elite, high-touch service for VIP executives
  • Personalized travel management software that integrates with online booking tools
  • Comprehensive travel expense reporting
  • Flawless trip management, for every group travel, meeting, and incentive program

Learn why small and large companies are switching to and staying with Teplis

With over 50 years of experience in the travel industry, we curate travel management plans for our corporate clients of all sizes, including large and small businesses. Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about our corporate travel services and start the journey to your personalized travel management services.

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Global Partnership

Teplis is a FROSCH Global Partner, giving your travelers access to a support network of 2,000+ agents and unique ticketing capabilities in over 50 strategic global markets.