Travel Agency Software Technology

Teplis Travel employs the most advanced technologies to simplify the complexities of booking and managing your corporate travel.

Our Travel Software Solutions

At Teplis Travel, we integrate the best travel agency software into each custom-designed travel management program. This helps you and your employees stay ahead of the travel game in today’s ever-changing, tech-savvy world. Whether your company is big or small, we have the most advanced technologies to simplify the complexities of booking and managing your corporate travel.

We have the latest, most effective technology including real-time information on bookings and status, policy compliance, service level monitoring, weather and safety advisories, and critical travel alerts. Each travel management program we design is fully accessible via our single platform. All this, coupled with our white-glove customer service, means you’ll have the most comprehensive travel management program available. The best part is that it’s all available at a price that won’t make your accounting team cry into their coffee.

How Can Technology Help Your Corporate Travel Program?

Increased Accessibility for Your and Your Business Travelers

Establish and enforce travel policies tailored to your business’s specific needs. With customizable policy rules, you can define guidelines for booking preferences, travel classes, preferred suppliers, and more. Even better, with our platform your employees can access these travel booking tools from their mobile devices, wherever and whenever! No more logistical nightmares. Modern travel requires increased accessibility for both travel managers and employees who are constantly on the move, improving the experience for everyone!

Streamlined Processes & Improve Compliance

Use our one-stop online booking tool (OBT), Concur Travel & Expense, to simplify the travel booking process. Your travel management team or individual employees can effortlessly book hotels, flights, car rental companies, or other travel arrangements with a simple user interface and a couple of clicks of a button. Management can even set restrictions or preferred third-party suppliers so users can quickly find the best options all while staying within budget and compliant. Make your review process easier with our streamlined booking process. Customizable policy rules and pre-trip authorization further ensure adherence to policies, minimizing the risk of non-compliant bookings and unnecessary expenses.

Reduce Costs

Who doesn’t want to save money? With our travel expense management technology tools, your business can effectively track and manage travel expenses, including reservations, employee travel spend, reimbursements, and more. It has an exceptional user experience so everyone can easily track and categorize expenses, generate automated reports, and integrate with accounting systems for streamlined reimbursement. Maintain control over your travel budget with visibility into travel spend and valuable insights into cost-saving opportunities

Keep Your Travelers Safe

We prioritize the safety and well-being of travelers with our software’s comprehensive traveler safety and risk management features. Teplis provides travelers and travel managers with up-to-the-minute risk information to assist with enhanced safety and security protocols, while emergency assistance provides immediate support in critical situations. Traveler tracking enables businesses to locate and communicate with their travelers, ensuring their safety and providing peace of mind, not to mention accommodating your duty of care obligation while your business travelers are on the road.

Get Valuable Insights Into Your Corporate Travel Program

We have a robust reporting system so you can get valuable real-time insights into your corporate travel program. Our software generates insightful travel reports and business analytics that enable businesses to analyze travel patterns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. With customizable dashboards, expense breakdowns, key performance indicators (KPIs), and travel metrics, businesses gain actionable insights into their travel expenses, supplier performance, and cost-saving opportunities. These analytics help optimize travel programs, improve budget allocation, and drive efficiency.

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What Travel Software and Technology Platforms Do We Use?

We’re constantly beta-testing new tools that address different aspects of travel management. Our approach to technology is to find the best tools that will help advance your organization and deliver the features and capabilities that you need. We care about your bottom line and make sure you’re able to get the most out of your travel budget. Our user-friendly travel agency software delivers a one-stop shop to bring all airline, hotel booking, and car rental offerings to your traveler’s fingertips through our digital online solutions. This makes it easy for them to book or change a reservation while on the go. Let’s take a closer look at what travel software tools and travel products we use:

Concur Travel & Expense –
An Expense Management & Online Booking Tool


As an SAP Concur Partner, we provide a modernized travel and expense management solution that uses API integration to simplify the travel and expense reporting process and your employees can get the best deals on flight tickets, car rentals, or other travel booking logistics.

Connect Concur Travel and Expense to your existing systems and get the most from our SAP Concur solutions. The Concur T&E platform is industrial strength and is a flexible corporate-grade platform that can integrate with your existing Human Resources (HR), Finance, Payroll, Finance, and CRM systems. Utilizing Concur’s pre-built integration applications, your business can manage its travel spend effectively and efficiently

Concur Mobile –
Individual Travel Portal Solutions


Teplis Travel uses the latest in mobile travel technology, Concur Mobile. With their own travel portal, business travelers can stay connected and informed about travel logistics and expenses on a desktop or through the mobile app, and even receive push notifications for prompt communication while on the road.

Simply download the Concur for Mobile application from Apple or Android. Based on your organization’s SAP Concur Travel and Expense functionality, Concur for Mobile empowers your business travelers with the rich functionality of the SAP Concur solution via the convenience of their phone:

Manage and track business expenses and receipts:

  • View credit card transactions and add them to expense reports
  • Capture receipts with your camera phone
  • Submit and approve expense reports (approve invoices too!)

Manage and track business travel:

  • Book airfare, hotels and more
  • Manage flight, hotel and car itineraries
  • Check flight status
  • Approve travel requests
  • Change/cancel reservations

Business Travel Reporting – Advanced Insight Into Travel Expenses


With Teplis Travels’ business travel reporting and business analytics technology, you’ll have 24/7 access to travel data as well as comprehensive reporting on your business trip logistics, expenses, and travelers.

Teplis Travel’s data management platform consolidates travel information to provide a clear, concise, and comprehensive view of an organization’s travel spend.

Our travel reporting platform delivers standard travel reports and a virtually unlimited number of user-defined reports upon demand or on a scheduled broadcast basis. With our travel reporting system, you can focus on Spend Analysis, Supplier Management, Policy/Risk Management, Activity Management, Spend Management, Reconciliation Analysis, Agency Productivity, and Carbon Reporting.

Flight Status Notifications
No More Missed Flights


Teplis Travel uses technology with advanced features to notify you when a change occurs to your travel activity. You will receive email updates notifying you of your scheduled flight times which include terminal locations, when a flight is delayed, canceled, or has a changed arrival gate. Having proactive communication with travelers allows Teplis Travel to quickly provide proactive assistance for connection and rebooking needs.

Virtual Payment Card –
T&E Expense Solutions


A virtual payment card works just like a normal credit card, except that you don’t have a physical card to use. Every time you make a transaction, a new virtual payment card number is created. This card links to a single, central bank account so you can easily control employee spending while traveling.

The Teplis Travel Difference

Teplis Travel delivers the most robust travel agency software to help our corporate clients stay productive. With over 50 years in the travel industry, we’ve found the best practices for software & travel solutions. Our value-added online travel software is integrated into each travel management program and customized to be a perfect fit for your company. Our travel agents strive to provide the highest quality of service while applying industry-leading technology to drive efficiencies, program compliance, and overall cost reduction.

Plus, we do all this with a helpful smile. We’re just a phone call away no matter what travel services or software you need.