Travel & Expense Management System

Travel & Expense Management System

No doubt, creating a company-wide travel policy is challenging. Even more difficult is enacting the plan and ensuring everyone is compliant. A comprehensive travel and expense management system can help with all this, but who has the time to develop one?

Fortunately, with the proper preparation and execution, Teplis Travel can help businesses just like yours successfully implement travel and expense management programs that streamline booking protocols, manage and reduce costs, and generate company-wide agreement and compliance.

At Teplis Travel, we manage your unique travel expenses in our 3-step process, outlined below. From original strategy to final reporting, we’re always with you to make sure you get the most bang for your travel buck.

Step 1: Build a Well-Defined Company Travel and Expense Policy

A company’s travel and expense management program can’t be successfully implemented unless it’s simple and easy for everyone in the company to understand and follow.

The challenge is in finding the balance between making your T&E policy easy to understand but still covering all your bases. A smart way to approach this issue is to compile a list of frequently asked questions about your business’s T&E policy and write out an answer to each of them. Compile this into one helpful guide and share with everyone on the team. In doing so, you’re making the policy process easier and limiting the amount of future issues to deal with.

Step 2: Implement Pre-Approval Processes for Trips and Itineraries

Pre-approving trips and itineraries is the easiest way to stay ahead of the budgeting process, as well as maximizing on potential discounts. Allocated per diems go further when trip details are run by management prior to travel because it creates the opportunity for employees to be better informed about travel deals, such as cheaper airfare or hotel rates.

Step 3: Create Visibility in Employee Spending

When employee expenses are well documented and everything they’ve spent is consolidated into one place, it makes it easy to see how much they are spending and what they’re spending it on. When employees can track spending through an automated system, planners and administrators have insight into ongoing company budgets while employees have real-time awareness of incurred policy violations.

Implementing a Successful Travel and Expense Program at Your Company

By partnering with Teplis on your corporate travel management, you’ll receive automated expense reports that are submitted accurately and on time. This is especially useful when it comes to pre-approving trips and itineraries because Teplis has access to travel deals that you won’t find in web searches. Call 1-800-669-6547 today and start saving money!

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