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Your employees work hard and they deserve to play hard too. Teplis Travel understands this and we’re here to help you celebrate your staff in style. Group and incentive travel trips are crucial for building employee morale and celebrating all the work your company does.

Incentive Travel and Group Travel are great ways to gather your employees together to collaborate, share ideas, and connect. Re-connecting your employees is especially important due to the disconnected nature of today’s virtual work-from-home workplace.

At Teplis, we don’t just plan incentive travel. We plan global, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences customized for your company that drives performance, excitement, and motivation to your executives, employees, salespeople, dealers, independent agents, or any type of audience.

What is Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel refers to a company using travel experiences as rewards for top-performing employees, hitting a specific goal, a company morale boost, channeling partners or celebrating clients for their work and loyalty. Whatever the employee incentives are, incentive trips are vital to employee and client happiness. The trips are often to desirable destinations as a way to motivate everyone to achieve peak performance and improve your company’s bottom line.

What is Group Travel?

Group travel consists of organizing trips for a specific group of people who travel together for various reasons. A company or business may organize group travel for employees, and families, and arrange travel logistics for teams, departments, or entire companies for attending corporate meetings and conferences, training sessions, team events, or corporate retreats.

Our Processes and Services

Where would you go when the world is your oyster? This is where our expertise shines. With our incentive industry expertise, we can provide you with a unique custom-designed incentive travel program crafted for your specific needs and budget. Our incentive travel programs go beyond a great destination and a luxury resort. We strategically weave your brand, message, and culture with unique activities, charitable endeavors, themed events, and more! We’ve been in the travel management industry for over five decades. We know what works, and we can execute flawlessly every time. We design creative and fun travel programs for your company using our 4 step process for a customized incentive trip that reflects your business.

Step 1: Discovery

Our process begins with discovery. We listen and consult you and your team during the planning process for your incentive travel trips. Your incentive strategy becomes our mission. You know your business goals and company culture and we have the expertise to align and implement a customized solution that will exceed your expectations. A few of our services involved in the initial discovery step of our process include:

  • Expert Contracting and Negotiation – Once you’ve picked a destination, it’s time to make a deal. We’ll navigate the vendor negotiations so you can sit back and relax.
  • Creative Incentive Design – Our team members are experienced, event planners. We’re not going to plan the same old events you’ve been to a hundred times already. We think outside the box to come up with new ideas your employees will be excited about.
  • Destination research and sourcing – It’s all about the destination, right? We’ll make sure it’s a fun one.

Step 2: Design

Then, we design a unique and personalized incentive or group travel experience that reflects your business goals, budget, and supplies your guests with the most memorable experience. Our proven process provides itineraries, regular budget updates, and dedication to finding creative touches and added value at every turn. This guarantees smooth sailing whether you are on land or sea! A couple of services involved in the design phase include:

  • Itinerary Planning – Get an unforgettable journey from start to finish! Our expert team will meticulously craft a detailed itinerary, curating a seamless flow of activities, free time for sightseeing, and experiences so your group is never bored.
  • Accommodation Arrangements – We take the hassle out of finding the perfect accommodations. Let us leverage our extensive network of trusted partners to book comfortable and well-suited lodging options for everyone on your team.
  • Transportation Logistics – From coordinating flights, ground transportation, and transfers to managing complex logistics, our dedicated team ensures smooth and efficient travel arrangements, allowing your group to focus on enjoying their experience.
  • Discount Negotiating – We’ve been in business for over 50 years, we have global industry partners who we work with to secure discounts and deals for your incentive trip.
  • Creative Marketing Communications – Let’s get the word out! We’ll design creative communications leading up to the event that gets your team fired up.

Step 3: Implementation & Execution for Your Travel Incentive Program

Now for the fun part, let’s get the trip on the way! Our team is with you every step of the way while you provide the best, unique experience.

  • Pre-Program Logistical Management — We make sure everyone gets where they need to go on time.
  • Flawless On-site Program Execution – Once travel has started, we’re all hands on deck to take care of your every need. We’ve curated the best practices to make sure your trip runs smoothly.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology & Support – With the World Wide Web and custom technologies at our fingertips, we’ll keep everyone updated on travel plans and itineraries.
  • Registration & Attendee Management – We have the most effective ways of getting the right people signed up and in the right spot.
  • Crisis Management/Duty of Care – In the event of an emergency, we handle it promptly, and with care, and make sure everyone is taken care of. The incentive research foundation estimates that almost 60% of incentive travelers experience some type of trip disruption such as a flight schedule change. But fear not! Our expert travel agents are trained to handle all disruptions and emergencies.

Step 4: Post-program Evaluation

What’s a corporate endeavor without accurate and helpful reporting? We’ll provide your team with real insights for  your travel program measurement, budget reporting, alignment with company values, and post-program evaluation. Then, you’ll have a comprehensive report of what works, and the next trips can be even better! What will we look at?

  • Travel Program Measurement and Evaluation – At the end of the trip, we’ll sit down with you to go over how things went and how we can improve for the next corporate incentive travel trip. Flawless execution is easy when the planning and preparation include everything you could think of and even the things you haven’t. Post-program surveys and measurements provide valuable feedback to continue to elevate the bar and stretch goals.
  • Budget & Reporting Management – With travel like this, there’s a lot of money changing hands. As your incentive travel planner, we keep track of it all and report back to you.

Why Are Incentive Programs Important?

Imagine the thrill of a well-deserved escape, where your team is whisked away to exotic destinations, and rewarded for their outstanding efforts and dedication. At Teplis Travel, we’re here to make your incentive travel dreams come true, effortlessly. With our extensive knowledge of top-notch destinations, we’ll handpick the perfect backdrop for your incentive travel program and group trips, ensuring every moment is filled with excitement. Whether you want a team-building retreat in the Georgia mountains or an exotic, all-inclusive resort overseas, we have the tools, partnerships, and knowledge to make it perfect. Leave the intricate logistics and meticulous planning to us, as we effortlessly handle flights, hotel accommodations, and every detail in between. Let’s transform your vision into reality and create an incentive travel experience that surpasses all expectations. It’s time to celebrate your employee engagement and hard work and embark on a thrilling adventure together!

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