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In today’s connected world, business travel expenses should be managed digitally. Listing expenditures, gathering expense receipts, and filing them all by hand are as outdated as printed airline tickets. Thankfully, travel and expense software can provide many benefits for both companies and their employees, not the least of which is saving your team and travelers valuable time.

Teplis Travel is a SAP Concur Partner

As a SAP Concur Partner, we provide a modernized expense management tool that simplifies the travel and expense reporting process. With Concur’s automated expense management software, companies of any size can better manage their business expenses, ensure policy compliance, and reduce instances of fraud.

Using T&E software can automate everything from expense submission and approval to payment processing and invoicing in a matter of minutes. Our advice is to go paperless and save a tree!

With Concur’s travel and expense management software, expenses from airlines, hotels, vendor payments, and car rental companies are automatically uploaded into an expense report. It is a completely seamless process to book travel and report on the spending details!

Your Ultimate Expense Management Solutions

Not only does Concur have advanced features to save your company time, but there are also a few more value-added benefits we haven’t mentioned yet.

With our best practices and automated travel and expense solutions, we help companies save thousands on their travel spend.

Want to see how it can work for your company? Contact us for a live demo today!

Unlock Cost Savings with Precision & Compliance!

Dive into a world where tailored software rules instantly flag non-compliant spending, ensuring unwavering financial integrity. Say goodbye to budgetary surprises from international travels, as our software expertly navigates currency conversions and value-added taxes. Plus, the seamless integration of corporate credit card charges with respective expense reports means you’re guaranteed accurate reimbursements and minimal financial discrepancies. Experience the future of streamlined financial management.


Elevate Your Expense Management with Real-Time Insights!

During business trips, employees can effortlessly engage in expense tracking by instantly uploading receipt images via their smartphones. This modern approach to expense reporting not only eliminates the chances of misplaced or misreported receipts but also offers real-time visibility into all corporate travel expenses. Such unparalleled clarity in travel costs empowers your finance team, allowing for more informed decisions and smoother business operations. Experience a transformation in how you handle travel-related finances.


Streamline Processes & Business Operations

For travel managers, automated travel expense management software is a game-changer. It not only adapts to the various business traveler needs, but it also creates streamline processes by replacing outdated manual methods with efficient digital ones. With the software, the approval process becomes swift and seamless. The prompt processing ensures that employees are reimbursed quickly.

Implementing a Successful Travel and Expense Program at Your Company

Successfully implementing and maintaining a travel and expense management system is definitely challenging, especially when it comes to making sure everyone follows suit. Automating travel and expense management systems helps increase employee productivity while allowing greater control over data and spending information.

Teplis Travel makes it easy for your company to get started with a travel and expense management program. We specialize in corporate travel management for everyone from small businesses to large enterprises. For consulting and assistance with your T&E processes, contact our team today!

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