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Corporate Group Travel

Planning travel for a group trip or organizing a corporate meeting? Our dedicated group travel specialists are experts at managing corporate group travel for groups and conferences of any size. From the smallest startup of 10 travelers, to groups of 100 or larger, Teplis Travel can provide you with the lowest rates, latest technology, smartest innovations, and the simplest solutions for all your corporate group travel requirements.

Leveraging Our Buying Power for You

Our extensive relationships in the airline industry empower Teplis Travel to offer you the most flexible contracts and travel itineraries available. We utilize specialty technology which supports the planning, procurement, and management of group air.

Depending on the airline, destination, and total number of travelers you have, our group air team will negotiate the best contract available on your behalf. Each corporate group will be set up to your company’s specifications, and Teplis will monitor deviations, cost, and ticketed reservations throughout the course of the booking time period to ensure all reservations adhere to your specific meeting parameters.

As your corporate group travel needs grow, Teplis Travel can continue to be your best source for corporate ticketing and group air travel management, both domestic and international.

Ease of Use You’ll Love with the Services You Need

How does Teplis Travel make the corporate group travel experience so easy? We handle all logistics including hotel and transportation. Teplis Travel manages all the hotel negotiations for the best possible room rates, food and beverage prices, deposit requirements, and attrition/cancellation policies and schedules. We focus heavily on services that many other businesses might consider minor details to ensure total customer service for our clients. We assist travelers with their visa and passport requests, offering beginning to end assistance to confirm that your travel documents are in place when your departure date arrives.

For travelers visiting remote or hard-to-reach areas, our customer service, attention to detail and effective online system provide total support and efficient travel. No detail is too small. We handle accommodations for all trips, from start to finish. Even for large companies and frequent travelers, we provide full-service assistance to better guarantee a successful trip.

We go beyond business travel to help companies and groups with personal and vacation travel planning. We analyze all rates and fares to help our corporate group travel clients save as much as 20% on their trips.

Custom Online Meeting Registration Portals

Teplis Travel utilizes secure meeting registration portals to inform event participants and accurately capture their information and specialized choices, using a state-of-the-art online registration process. Through our custom registration portals, invited guests can register to attend an event, make any special hotel room type or trip extension requests, sign up for offered travel program activities and submit special airline requests. Each registration site can be accessed through a link placed on a clients’ company website or embedded into a special trip invitation email message sent directly to attendees. All registration reports can be viewed online or downloaded into Excel format for real-time access.

Contact Teplis Travel today at (800) 669-6547 to learn about our corporate group travel and meeting services, or request service for a particular event.

Not with Teplis. We provide No-Fee Online Support service during normal business hours when reservations are self-made online.

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