Corporate Travel Management & Consulting

Corporate Travel Management & Consulting

Corporate travel management is the process of managing a company’s travel-related expenses, policies, and procedures. This includes everything from booking flights and hotels to managing expenses and ensuring compliance with the corporate travel policy. But it’s so much more than that. It’s a strategic approach to managing travel arrangements for your business. Corporate Travel Management and consulting are critical to the success of a business travel program. Travel and expense (T&E) is typically the largest expense item for most companies after employees’ salaries and wages, and it can come with a lot of headaches. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the responsibility of booking travel off of your plate and put it on someone else’s? When it comes to your company’s time, dollars, and sanity, working with an expert corporate travel planner is key.


Whether your employees are on the road every week, month, or once in a blue moon, booking their business travel can be time-consuming and costly if it’s not managed properly. Teplis Travel is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) maximize the value of their travel programs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance to help your business navigate the complexities of corporate travel whether it’s inside the United States or international travel, so you can focus on what you do best.

How Teplis Travel Can Help Your Company

As a company that has the reputation of being a trusted travel management services partner through our nearly five decades of service, we’ve gained incredible experience working with diverse industries, and have developed best practices that generate results. Our approach is to tailor a corporate travel program to each individual client’s needs, not just design a program using a cookie-cutter approach. Our travel program management can help your company with:

Account Management:

Businesses can benefit from personalized account management that is tailored to their specific corporate travel needs. This means having a dedicated point of contact who understands your company’s travel requirements and can provide expert advice and support. 

A corporate travel account manager can help companies mitigate travel-related risks, including those related to health, safety, security, and financial risks. Their risk management services cover everything from pre-trip planning and preparation to on-the-ground support and post-travel analysis. They can also provide guidance and assistance with insurance coverage, travel waivers, and emergency response planning.

A consistent, detailed travel plan will reduce risk, increase compliance, and ensure more seamless experiences for your business travelers. At Teplis Travel, our account managers work closely with clients to develop customized travel solutions that align with their business goals and meet the needs of their employees.

Aircraft Coordination for Private Charters

Simplifying the Entire Travel Booking Process

The travel booking process is often the most complicated process of travel management. Between airline tickets, ground transportation, hotels, car rentals, and anything else your employees need, the process becomes congested with logistics. Additionally, company policy compliance can become complicated. 

Teplis Travel offers a range of solutions to simplify the entire travel booking process, from online booking tools and mobile apps such as Concur Travel to customized reporting and travel expense management. Our travel technology solutions are designed to streamline travel management, reduce administrative burdens, increase compliance, and improve the overall travel experience for employees. Not to mention, your travel agent will be able to assist with flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, and anything else your road warriors may need assistance with during the booking process. We have 24/7 support for our corporate clients throughout their entire process. 

Our customer service team can provide online assistance throughout the entirety of the online booking process, and extend through the entirety of your business trips.

Outbound Calls for Travel Related Requests

Cost Savings

We have extensive experience in helping companies reduce their travel costs without compromising on quality or safety. T&E is often one of the largest expenses for a business. But, our team has tools, partners, and innovative technology that can help you stay within your travel budget. Through our custom-designed corporate travel management programs, our clients experience savings of nearly 30%.

We offer a range of solutions to simplify reimbursement and employee travel expenses including a virtual credit card and an advanced reporting platform. With corporate travel management, businesses can benefit from the negotiating power of a trusted travel agency. At Teplis Travel, we have established partnerships with a wide range of travel suppliers, including airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and more. This allows your corporate travel account manager to negotiate favorable rates on your behalf, helping to save on your travel spending.

By leveraging our travel industry expertise, global partnerships, and cutting-edge technology, we can identify cost-saving opportunities and negotiate favorable rates with suppliers. This includes everything from airfare and hotel discounts to exclusive car rental agreements and travel rewards programs.

Flight Monitoring and Automated Updates

Ensuring Employee Safety & Duty of Care

Duty of care is an essential component of corporate travel planning that involves ensuring the health, safety, and security of employees while traveling on business. This includes everything from pre-trip planning and preparation to on-the-ground support and emergency assistance. 

Employee safety is a top priority for Teplis Travel, as we know it is for your company. We never want to put your corporate travelers at risk. In fact, we offer comprehensive risk management services, including traveler tracking, real-time travel alerts, and 24/7 emergency support in order to keep your employees safe while on the road. They also work closely with clients to develop and implement travel risk management policies, training, and contingency planning.

Membership and Loyalty Program Confirmation

Benchmarking and Analytics

Our comprehensive business travel reporting can help improve your corporate travel programs. By analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as travel spend, compliance rates, and traveler satisfaction, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your travel programs accordingly. At Teplis Travel, we offer detailed travel reporting, business intelligence, and analysis technology so you have 24/7 access to real-time data and the ability to access, capture, and manage your travel information from multiple sources. Our comprehensive reporting can help to make data-driven decisions about travel programs and expenses.

As a company who has the reputation of being a trusted travel management partner through our nearly five decades of service, we’ve gained incredible experience working with diverse industries, and have developed best practices that generate results. Our approach is to tailor a corporate travel program to each individual client’s needs, not just design a program using a cookie-cutter approach.

It All Starts with a Consultation

At Teplis Travel, we know every organization is truly unique, which is why our approach to corporate travel management begins with a detailed consultation to understand and appreciate each company. We’ll look at your company’s unique:

  • Culture
  • Business Travel patterns
  • Corporate Traveler’s expectations
  • Financial goals

Looking at each of these pieces allows us to develop a picture of where your company is currently at, and then identify improvements for your business travel program so we can become true travel management partners.

Having a plan of action is the most effective way to do anything in business. We work with each client to develop an actionable plan that will maximize their service and reduce their corporate travel costs year after year.

Why You'll Love Working With Teplis Travel

At Teplis Travel, we employ the best corporate travel consultants to analyze each opportunity that will leverage your travel spending and negotiate aggressive discounts with established supplier relationships. With over 50 years of experience with corporate travel, our team has seen it all! We are excited to become your travel management company (TMC) and assist with everything from reservations to global travel management.

Contact Teplis Travel today to receive information about our full-service corporate travel management and consulting solutions or explore the other services we provide including incentive travel programs, global travel, and VIP travel services. We look forward to becoming your lifelong corporate travel partner!

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