When you interviewed your current travel management company, you likely had a great experience. They were quick to respond, answered all your questions, had all the features you were looking for, and came at an affordable price.

But now that you’re a few months (or years) into your relationship, you’re not sure if you’re getting the best corporate travel service from them. This is very common, but also very frustrating. Here are five signs it might be time to look for a new travel management company:

1.  Account Managers Never Call

At the beginning of your relationship, your account manager was very attentive. They called or emailed you on a consistent basis to keep you up-to-date and see if you had questions or needed help with anything. But now, they’re like a long-lost cousin. The calls are less frequent, they don’t respond as quickly to your emails, or you just haven’t heard from them at all in months.

An account manager should not just work hard for you in the beginning, but throughout your entire relationship. Calls should be as frequent as you need them, and questions should be answered in a timely manner. They shouldn’t just work hard to get you as a client, but they should work hard to keep you as well. If you don’t see this effort, it might be time to move on.

2.  Flimsy or Non-Existent Reporting

Up-to-date real-time report data is necessary to properly manage pre-trip policy exceptions and use of preferred vendors. Detailed metrics on advance booking windows, policy compliance and vendor market share are necessary for long-term planning and proving the worth of your travel management program. A solid travel management company would have set up your reporting schedule, so you receive the needed metrics automatically or at least make it so they’re easy to access from an online dashboard.

If getting your reports requires an Act of Congress, or if you simply aren’t getting any reports at all, it’s a huge red flag that you’re not working with a competent travel management service.

3.  No Support for Online Reservations

Booking your own airline, hotel and car rental reservations is taken for granted in these days of cost-effective online booking tools like Concur Travel. It’s also helpful when a travel management company provides you with user training, but the real test comes when it’s time to support the product after implementation.

It’s not unreasonable to expect the same level of customer service for online reservations as for reservations booked through a live agent. Light touch online fees which are slightly higher for agent intervention are one thing, but what if you just need navigation assistance or have a question about how the program works? A really good travel management partner will offer a fee-free support line where travelers can get advice about using the online booking tool. Does your TMC offer this service? If not, you might consider looking for one that does…

4.  Multiple Add-on Fees for Every Call

Getting charged additional fees every time you call extends to more than just questions about online booking. Are you being charged when a traveler asks for a copy of their ticket receipt, or when they ask for a refund?  If it seems your travel management company is more interested in grabbing your money instead of being helpful, it’s a sign you should look elsewhere for service.

5.  You Aren’t Saving Any Money

A top-notch TMC will be racking up savings for your company at every turn. From finding the lowest fares to securing free upgrades for long haul international flights. From tracking your airline loyalty program points to getting hotel no-show fees and name change fees waived. If your travel management company is saving you money you’ll know about it because they will report on their performance during regular account reviews. But that assumes you’re getting regular account reviews…Need we say more?

Work with Teplis Travel

If you’re nodding along while reading this, we feel your pain. We see a lot of our new clients come from other travel management companies that have treated them poorly. We want you to know that we do corporate travel right.

Our account managers set up recurring calls so you’re always up to speed. Our reports are easy to digest and we’re happy to explain how our reporting dashboards work and set up automatic reports for you. When your travelers book through our online booking tool, they’ll be able to call our dedicated online support desk for assistance without being charged a fee. We don’t nickel-and-dime you for every call you send our way. We strive to be your trusted travel partner. And we’re here to help.

To see what it’s like to work with a dedicated professional provider, give us a call at 888-368-0850 or contact us to request pricing.