When searching for a corporate travel service to partner with, you’ll hear a lot about how each of them provides the best service. You’ll probably also hear several of them discuss how affordable they are. It can be hard to know who’s really telling the truth.

At Teplis Travel, we want to be transparent about our excellent service at a budget-friendly price. How can we do this? We have streamlined our operations and pass along the savings to clients in the form of lower prices. This is how we do it….


More At-Home Agents

a woman working in her notebookThe beauty of today’s technological world is that we can empower our travel agents to work from home, saving them the cost and inconvenience of a commute. This makes for less stressed travel agents who do a better job because they are happier. A virtual workforce also means we have travel agents located across the country so when a snowstorm or other event takes place, there’s always someone available to assist our travelers from another, safer, location. This eliminates the possibility of someone sitting on hold for 30 minutes because the after-hours agents are swamped.

A virtual staff means you need less office space and furniture, which is a major expense for a service business. Yes, we do still have offices, and we still have reservation centers (in Atlanta and Las Vegas) and you can come visit us anytime you like! But we don’t have gigantic call centers and an office in each major city. This saves a lot of money.


We Empower Our Employees

a woman working in a call centerBureaucratic red tape is never any fun. It can be more than frustrating when you’re in an emergency and your travel agent has to check with their boss, who needs to check with their boss before they can make a change for you.

This is why we give our agent team leaders managerial authority. This reduces the time lag of waiting for a response, and you’re able to jump on deals faster so you don’t miss out or get an answer to your emergency question before time runs out. Our customers say this is the number one thing they love about working with us.

Carving out a whole bureaucratic layer also means our senior managers have more interaction with employees who are on the front lines of customer service. They are much more aware of how well our programs work (or don’t work) for clients.

The result is a corporate travel program which is responsive, beneficial, and cost effective.


Global Travel Brought Down to Size

When a company makes the jump to global service it can be daunting, and the challenges can seem insurmountable. Language differences, currency issues, and cultural changes are just a few of the issues newly global companies face. But, after a little research, you’ll find what we did…Global corporate travel doesn’t have to be harder…or bigger, necessarily.

the planet in a boxConcur Travel® and Teplis agents have access to international inventory (we have special ticketing capabilities in over 50 countries) and plenty of hotel and car rental bargains as well. The time difference is the only factor that requires special consideration when it comes to agent reservations. It takes a little planning, but there are usually a few hours at one end of the day or the other when an agent can talk directly with the traveler.

So, just by using the same resources you would to book domestic travel, and a few adjustments you can get the job done without adding the cost of a fully international program with brick-and-mortar locations around the world. (And yes, we know China and Japan have unique situations regarding air travel. But we have solutions for those markets as well.) Talk to your Teplis representative about your specific needs and we will help you put together an economical global travel program.

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At Teplis Travel, we operate with the down-to-earth attitude of being a “Boutique” style travel management company, but with global connections and the latest technology. We’re here to help you with a friendly smile and lightning quick responses. If you’d like to hear more about how we can save you money on corporate travel service, please give us a call today at 888-368-0850 or request pricing online. We look forward to becoming your trusted travel management partner.